Full Race V2 Endtank 3
Full-Race F150 EcoBoost V2 Intercooler Endtank

Our  2017-2019 Ford Raptor and 2014+ Ford F150 V2 Intercooler Upgrade is the strongest and highest flowing intercooler ever developed for the F150 EcoBoost.  Featuring aerodynamic cast end tanks with an updated core, the result is a whopping 20% increase in flow compared to our V1 units.  Each and every unit is leak tested to 50psi (even small pinhole leaks can lose power). However most customers who buy this intercooler use it to fit aftermarket bumpers or winches – so if you are planning to install a winch or steel bumper, this upgrade is mandatory!

Required Tools:

  • Ratchet w/ 7mm, 8mm, 10mm, 11mm, 13mm, 15mm Sockets
  • 8mm, 13mm Wrenches
  • T27 Torx Bit – E6 External Torx Socket (if relocating adaptive cruise module)
  • 3mm and 5mm Allen Wrench/Socket
  • Masking Tape
  • Cutoff Wheel (or small reciprocating saw)
  • Hand Grinder

Note 1: This entire job can be performed with the truck on the ground – No need to raise the vehicle. The most difficult part is removing the grille shutters. First-time installation typically takes 4-5 hours. Once you are familiar with the process, the installation can be completed in 2 to 3 hours. Having 2 people speeds things up.

Note 2: While the front end is apart for IC installation, now is also an excellent time to upgrade Radiator and transmission cooler!

Installation Procedure

1. Park the vehicle on level ground and set E-brake. Open the hood & disconnect the negative battery terminal. For vehicles equipped with Skid plate, using 13mm and 15mm sockets, remove the skid plate mounting bolts, then unbolt and remove the OEM skid plate.

V2IntercoolerInstall 1

2. Unbolt lower factory intercooler support.  Remove factory intercooler and CAC cooling fan from the vehicle. It may take some effort to get the intercooler inlets/outlet out of their couplers.  Do Not Lose Rubber Intercooler Isolator Bushings – these will be reused.

V2IntercoolerInstall 2

3. ONLY If relocating your Adaptive Cruise Control Module, use your hands/fingers (no tools) pull off the front plastics from front bumper.  Skip this step if not applicable

V2IntercoolerInstall 3

 Using an 11mm socket, remove the three mounting nuts for the adaptive cruise module.

V2IntercoolerInstall 4

Then, unplug the module and use an E6 external torx socket to remove the three mounting studs.  Remove the module for relocation.

V2IntercoolerInstall 5

4. Unplug IAT sensor after airbox.  Using a 7mm socket, loosen clamps and remove Intake tube from airbox

V2IntercoolerInstall 6

5. Remove the push pin retainers, remove the radiator air deflector and intake inlet. Save clips for later – do not lose them

V2IntercoolerInstall 7

Remove the clips holding the grill cover and intake inlet.  Gently pry the center up until it unlocks, then pull on the larger round base to remove.  Save clips for later – do not lose them

V2IntercoolerInstall 8

6. Using 10mm socket, remove 4 10mm bolts that hold grille assembly to core support.  Remove four 10mm bolts that hold grille assembly to core support.

V2IntercoolerInstall 9

7. Disconnect the two electrical connectors and washer hose underneath radiator air deflector.  Also unclip the grille harness plastic push-clip from grille.

V2IntercoolerInstall 10

8. Remove clip from the top of the headlight surrounds, there will be one on each side.  Remove the headlamp assembly trim panel.

  1. Remove the pin-type retainer.
  2. Starting at the inner edge, release the headlamp assembly trim panel clips.
  3. Starting at the outer edge, release the headlamp assembly trim panel.
  4. Using a flat-blade screwdriver release the locking tabs and remove the headlamp trim panel.
V2IntercoolerInstall 11

9. Unplug the electrical connections by the hood latch.

V2IntercoolerInstall 12

10. Gently pry on headlight surrounds by hand only, starting from the side closest to the grill. They don’t have to be removed entirely, but it will make grill removal and installation easier.

V2IntercoolerInstall 13

11. Remove 3 christmas tree clips from each side of grille assembly.

V2IntercoolerInstall 14

12. Remove remaining bolt from each side of the grille.

V2IntercoolerInstall 15
V2IntercoolerInstall 16

13. Lift and remove grille assembly out of vehicle.

V2IntercoolerInstall 17
V2IntercoolerInstall 18

14. Remove –or- Trim plastic shroud below the radiator. There are Christmas tree clips that hold it tight under the radiator (these can be difficult to access).  You can use a razor blade or 3.5” hole saw if this will be retained

V2IntercoolerInstall 19

15. Unbolt two 13mm bolts that hold the upper intercooler support to the frame.   Unbolt shutter system for intercooler: four 8mm bolts hold it in place. Two on the top that goes into the frame rail, and two that are accessible by removing the black plastic covers on the front bumper.  From below the truck, Unplug intercooler fans and unplug shutter system

V2IntercoolerInstall 20

16. Using 7mm socket, separate factory hot-side charge pipes from the intercooler.  Unhook eBOV recirculation tube from Intake Pipe & Intercooler, then unplug eBOV electrical connector.

V2IntercoolerInstall 21

17. Next, we must remove the charge pipe from intercooler and engine bay.  First, unplug TIP sensor from factory throttle body pipe and unhook EVAP hose fitting. To disconnect the EVAP fitting pinch the two exposed tabs while pushing down on them. Loosen both clamps on the throttle body coupler.  Remove throttle body pipe from the vehicle.

V2IntercoolerInstall 22

Remove clip at intercooler cold side connection on the driver side.

V2IntercoolerInstall 23

Loosen the clamp at the throttle body.

V2IntercoolerInstall 24

18. remove CAC from the vehicle.  Use 8mm socket to Remove eBOV canister screw  (#1) if this will be reused.

V2IntercoolerInstall 25
V2IntercoolerInstall 26

19. Now is also a good time to remove the intercooler scoop mounting bolts and then the scoop itself (a wrench is required to access bolts)

V2IntercoolerInstall 27

20. Using a T27 Torx bit, remove TIP sensor from OEM cold side charge pipe.  Reinstall sensor to new throttle body pipe with supplied bolt. Loosely install 3” straight coupler and two 3” T-bolt clamps to throttle body.

V2IntercoolerInstall 28

21. Using 10mm socket, unbolt drivers side trans cooler, to allow the Adaptive Cruise Control Module harness to slip behind it.  Retighten.  NOTE: this is also a good time to upgrade!

V2IntercoolerInstall 29

22. Install Full-Race intercooler mounting beam in place of OEM intercooler mount – reuse OEM hardware.

V2IntercoolerInstall 30

23. Install all four factory rubber mounting isolator bushings from OEM intercooler onto Full-Race intercooler.

V2IntercoolerInstall 31

24. Set Full-Race intercooler with isolator bushings onto the mounting beam.  Remove bolts from the hood latch, install included hood latch bracket onto Full-Race intercooler & bolt in place.  Bolt bracket on top of the latch.

V2IntercoolerInstall 32

25. At this point, the Intercooler should be installed in the truck and ready for charge piping to be connected.

V2IntercoolerInstall 33

26. Install eBOV recirc valve on the new cold side charge pipe: Transfer the factory electronic BOV from the factory intercooler over to the BOV charge pipe.  Use the supplied bolt to fasten BOV to the new pipe. Plugin EBOV once installed in the vehicle.

V2IntercoolerInstall 34

27. Install Cold Side THROTTLE BODY charge pipe, and E-BOV pipe. Loosely install 3” straight coupler and two 3” T-bolt clamps to throttle body.   Install throttle body pipe into the truck. Install the supplied 3” hump coupler over the other end of throttle body pipe along with a 3” T-bolt clamp.  Install the intercooler outlet pipe.  Double-check to align everything until happy with fitment.28. Install supplied 2.5” couplers and T-bolt clamps onto factory hot pipes on the passenger side of the truck – these are the ones that had the blue couplers on them.  Then install the supplied Y-pipe on the passenger side of the truck.  Do not fully tighten yet.

V2IntercoolerInstall 35

2017+: Install 3” 45 couplers and T-bolt clamps onto the supplied Y-pipe and BOV pipe.

V2IntercoolerInstall 36

2015-2016: Install 3” Straight couplers and T-bolt clamps onto the supplied Y pipe and BOV pipe.

V2IntercoolerInstall 37

29. Once all charge pipes are oriented, Tighten all T-bolt clamps to 44lb.in / 5Nm. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN CLAMPS, IT CAN CRUSH ALUMINUM CHARGE PIPES

30. Remove shutter system from factory grille.  This increases engine cooling and provides clearance for the oversized intercooler.  Start by removing the outer post from its hole by bending the plastic shutter until there is enough clearance to release the peg.  Then, rotate the shutter toward the front of the grill to release inner post.

V2IntercoolerInstall 38

31. Separate the active grill shutter from the radiator grille.  There are 4 pop up clips on the top of the grille, 4 nuts on the backside and a long bolt in the middle of the shutter system on the backside.

V2IntercoolerInstall 39
V2IntercoolerInstall 40

32. Remove the motor for the shutter system, leaving plugged in and zip tie to the side to avoid a check engine light.

V2IntercoolerInstall 41

33. Pry the shutters out of the grille backing, then lay down some masking tape for your trim lines.  You want to keep the post on the bottom tall enough so you can remount the ambient air temp sensor.

V2IntercoolerInstall 42

Reference the photo below for how much to trim.  You will cut an inch out of the bottom so this piece can fit around the new intercooler.

V2IntercoolerInstall 43
V2IntercoolerInstall 44

34. Reinstall grille onto the trimmed piece using the OEM hardware, minus the center bolt. Be sure to reinstall the ambient air temp sensor at the base of the trimmed plastic.35. If your truck is equipped with Adaptive Cruise Control module, remove the unit from behind plastic trim piece on the driver side of factory bumper as noted in step 3. Install adaptive cruise module to supplied Full-Race bracket using supplied M8 bolts, and install onto intercooler using supplied M8 bolts. As mentioned in step 21, route the wire and plug for the adaptive cruise control module behind the factory transmission cooler.   NOTE: Lastly, it’s a good idea to use forscan to recalibrate the sensor.  Make certain the sensor is leveled vertically by placing a level on the face and adjusting the bracket.

V2IntercoolerInstall 45

36. OPTIONAL: To recirculate the eBOV bypass air, connect AC Delco 26309X tube (not included) to eBOV quick disconnects: Remove factory E-BOV recirculation line from the bottom of the intake tube. Separate the plastic quick disconnect fittings.  Using 1” heater hose, AC Delco 26309X extend to intake tube.  (credit to Paul Haskew for finding the perfect hose that fits without cutting).If not recirculating, use rubber cap to seal the intake barb.  If using an aftermarket BOV in place of OEM eBOV, make sure to plug in the eBOV as it was intended and zip tie it off to the side.

V2IntercoolerInstall 46
V2IntercoolerInstall 47
V2IntercoolerInstall 48

37. Double-check that everything is tight, secure and plugged in.  Reinstall grille assembly in reverse order of disassembly. Be sure to plug in all connections by the hood latch. Go over all work, ensure there is nothing overtightened or loose/disconnected before reinstalling grille, skid plate, grille, headlight surrounds, and plastic front bumper pieces.

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