Customers, clients, and first-time buyers, this statement is directly for you if you’ve ordered the following: FFP GT500 swings, Speedform GT350 wings, LVA splitters, and PD Tunes. The Coronavirus is directly impacting our ability to deliver your wings. While they are designed here in Arizona, they are manufactured in China with strict quality control measures. The providence of our manufacturing plant was on complete lockdown for over 30 days to help quarantine the virus. This has obviously put a damper on our ability to commit to our shipping times. We know we brag consistently about our customer service and we have not let one email go unanswered with the same transparent truth of what is going on. ⁣

LiquiVinyl customers, we’ve seen a huge increase in sales and understand that splitters are being delivered bent. We are currently working on a new shipping solution for these products to prevent shipping damages but in the meantime, if your product is damaged, please email us immediately to receive your free replacement.⁣

PD customers, please understand that burble tunes can only be completed so fast with the current request. Expect lead times of 2 to 3 days.⁣

Guys and gals, at the end of the day, we do give a shit about you and your automotive needs but we also need you to be understanding about some situations. The aftermarket industry is not Amazon but we are doing our best to fulfill our commitments. ⁣

The realest,
CEO of this mug.

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