Hey all, I wanted to update you on a massive change on the website I have been making in the past 3 months. Before FFP was created, one of my top concerns during the design phase was matching products to their vehicles. We have been through a few methods and ultimately failed at this avenue. Fast forward 5 years later, I finally have created a solution to help new and current customers choose their vehicle and sort through products much quicker. 

Before, we relied entirely on product categories to sort our products. This was insanely time-consuming to build, required a high level of vehicle education, and consequently slowed our website. 

As you can see, we separated products into categories. This does not allow users to sort products quickly, nor will it enable them to choose their specific car model.

With the power of a few brain cells, I have created a simple process for this madness moving forward. We will organize parts by Make > Model > Product Categories. We will not go any deeper than that. Using the sidebar will allow you to choose your vehicle, narrow down your selection of parts, find specific categories of parts, and, most importantly, ensure that the part fits your exact year, make, model, and submodel.

image 1

Currently, we have 400+ products connected to their proper vehicle. We are working on this new system daily and are focused on applying these changes to our most popular products.

Overall, this will speed up our website and ensure our customers are making the correct purchase for their vehicle moving forward. I’m very excited about this implementation, and your feedback on this new system is highly appreciated.


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