Strap in and hold tight because Elliot Bright, known in the drift galaxy as BrightSlide, is tearing up the track with Function Factory Performance as his flagship! Steering his roaring 2018 Ford Mustang GT, this Los Angeles-based drift wizard is making waves in the “HotPit AutoFest,” Southern California’s newest pro drift sensation. Elliot’s not just another face in the crowd; he’s the reigning champ of “The Drift League,” a title he snagged in October 2022.

This man is a road warrior, having embarked on Drift Week marathons, leaving his mark from the Golden State to the Garden State. Not just content with competition, Elliot’s a staple at big-ticket demos like Fuel Fest and Gridlife and a regular at grassroots events such as Flavor Express and Import Expo, where he showcases his ride and skills.

Elliot’s drift story is as unique as his cornering technique – starting as a Physician Associate student in the Bronx, wheel-spinning on student loans, and sharpening his skills at Clubloose / Etown under the tutelage of legends like Reese Marin. Trading BMX bike tricks for full-throttle drifts in 2014, Elliot’s known for injecting every event with his signature cocktail of style and raw aggression. So, keep your eyes peeled for BrightSlide – where he goes, tire smoke and awe follow!