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Lightweight Power, Timeless Style – Upgrade to FFP’s Dry Carbon Fiber Mustang Parts.

Eight years ago, Function Factory Performance began its journey with a 2016 Ford Mustang EcoBoost, which unexpectedly became our company’s cornerstone. Present day, our fleet of Ford Performance vehicles represents our pure commitment to our brand name, Functional, track tested performance parts in partnership with eye catching form. Introducing our 2015 to 2024 Ford Mustang Aerodynamic Program. From conversion bumpers, to dry carbon fiber wings, your Mustang only deserves the best.

Mustang Models

FFP Hot Wings Program

Born on the race track and developed for Mustang aficionados looking to exact the maximum amount of down force. Our Function Factory Performance “Hot Wings” are packed with pre-preg carbon fiber spices hot enough to spice up your laps times and car show awards.

Flavor: 2×2 Dry Carbon Fiber

Turn heads and corners with 2×2 glossy carbon fiber – the secret ingredient to a show-stopping finish.

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Flavor: Forged Carbon Fiber

Get ready to forge ahead with our carbon fiber parts – because ordinary is just not in our vocabulary.

take me the land of forging

FFP 2015-2023 Ford Mustang GT500 V3 Dry Carbon Fiber Track Pack Rear Wing


Daily driven and race track tested, our FFP Ford Mustang GT500 Carbon Fiber Track Pack is the ultimate aero part for your track day or show car S550 Mustang. Functional mounting positions, billet stands, and a real carbon fiber foil that can withstand speeds up to 200 miles per hour.

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Aggressive Looks: FFP Polypropylene OEM Like GT500 Bumper Swap

Did you have a mishap, or are you just craving a modern revamp for your EcoBoost? Dive into our FFP GT500 Conversion Bumper. Crafted from polypropylene, our bumper is speed-tested to a breezy 180+ MPH. Perfect for replacing your broken OEM bumper or elevating your Mustang’s aesthetics.

A comment from our founder.

“Our FFP Mustang GT500 Carbon Fiber Wing is more than just aerodynamics; it’s a statement of excellence and innovation. Crafted for speed and style, it represents our relentless pursuit of perfection, transforming not just your Mustang, but your entire track experience.”

Charles Siritho
Founder, Function Factory Performance

2024+ Ford Mustang “Dry Rub” Carbon Fiber Program

Introducing the Function Factory Performance “Dry Rub” series of Dry Carbon Fiber parts for the 2024 Ford Mustang and drawing inspiration from the bold flavors of hot wings and spices. Utilizing advanced vacuum-infusion technology with pre-preg “dry” carbon fiber in a 2×2 weave pattern, each “Dry Rub” component is engineered to be lightweight and robust. This crafting process ensures that our carbon fiber parts, from tail light surrounds to front splitters, not only elevate the aesthetics of your Mustang but also enhance its performance with superior strength and reduced weight. Embrace the spice of life and give your Mustang the flavor it deserves with the Function Factory Performance “Dry Rub” Carbon Fiber series.

S650 Carbon Fiber Specalist

Utilizing advanced vacuum-infusion technology with pre-preg “dry” carbon fiber in a 2×2 weave pattern, each “Dry Rub” component is engineered to be lightweight and robust.

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Our Special “Dry Rub”

Central to our manufacturing is the vacuum infusion, which allows for an even distribution of resin across the carbon fiber. This ensures a high-quality, void-free surface.

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The Leaders In Mustang EcoBoost Performance

Undoubtedly, Function Factory Performance stands as the premier hub for Mustang EcoBoost expertise. With thousands of hours poured into product evolution, dyno trials, and on-track experience, connect with an EcoBoost specialist from our team and embark on your enhancement journey.

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