Upgrading Your 2015 to 2023 Ford Mustang EcoBoost

Eight years ago, Function Factory Performance began its journey with a 2016 Ford Mustang EcoBoost, which unexpectedly became our company’s cornerstone. Today, as leaders in EcoBoost expertise and sales, our Mustang stands out with its Anderson Composites JTP Body Kit and Engineered Motorsports Solutions Long block. Our pioneering work with the Turbonetics NX2 Turbocharger is backed by on-track testing and the trust of countless enthusiasts. With the S650 Mustang EcoBoost on the horizon, we’re geared up for continued innovation and automotive excellence.

Mustang EcoBoost Models

Experiece 520 Boosted Horsepower

Hear the spool, feel the torque, and take your Mustag EcoBoost to the finish line with our Turbonetics NX2 Upgraded Turbocharger. 50 states CARB legal and 100% bolt-on.

EMS Built 2.0L EcoBoost Block

Equipped with propertiory Mahle Pistons, Boost Line Rods, and technology learned on the drag strip and track, the Engeinnered Motorsports Solution block is your choice for 9 second passes and endless road racing laps.

built block power

Big Bolt-In Turbo Power

Ditch your stock turbo for the latest Turbonetics NX2 Turbocharger that features a twin scroll housing, dual-ball bearings, 5252 billet aluminum compressor wheel, and ported shrowd. All of that translates into delivering 520 horse power as quickly as possible. 

Upgrade My stock turbo

Aggressive Looks: FFP GT500 Bumper Swap

Did you have a mishap, or are you just craving a modern revamp for your EcoBoost? Dive into our FFP GT500 Conversion Bumper. Crafted from polypropylene, our bumper is speed-tested to a breezy 180+ MPH. Perfect for replacing your broken OEM bumper or elevating your Mustang’s aesthetics.

Turbocharged Performance You Can See & Feel

The Turbonetics NX2 Upgraded Turbocharger is your answer to transforming your daily driver into a 500 horsepower EcoBoost. This turbo puts the Mustang back into the EcoBoost. Why are you waiting?

Modern European Style

Our Vland 2018+ European-style, clear LED tail lights designed for the 2015-2023 Ford Mustang EcoBoost are among our top picks. Combining the sleek 2018 “slant” design with clear lenses, these tail lights offer your Mustang a car show appearance while maintaining compliance in all 50 states.

5 Way Multi-Mode

These Euro Style Tail Lights feature 5 different flashing sequential motions. Check out our instructional guide above to see all of them.

Euro Style Upgrade


These taillights are a direct bolt-on OE fitment or replacement for the stock taillights requiring no modification, custom wiring, or drilling

Upgrade my tail Lights

The Leaders In Mustang EcoBoost Performance

Undoubtedly, Function Factory Performance stands as the premier hub for Mustang EcoBoost expertise. With thousands of hours poured into product evolution, dyno trials, and on-track experience, connect with an EcoBoost specialist from our team and embark on your enhancement journey.

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