Terms and conditions
The winner of the contest must make an exact guess of the ET. If no one is able to guess the exact ET, we will choose the winner that is the closet to the ET.
The person that is able to guess the MPH exactly will win the runner up prize. If the person is able to guess the ET and trap speed exactly, that person will win both prizes.
Winner MUST reply within 48 hours or the 2nd closest time and trap speed will be chosen
If the there are multiple exact guesses, those individuals will go into sudden death and will ask to guess our 60′  time.
The winner must be following Forgestar, FF Performance Instagram and Facebook before results are posted. If you violate these rules, you will be eliminated and the next person will be chosen as the winner.

Excluded from entry or winning:
Any persons that attended the event
All sponsors, affiliates and employees of TFFP, LLC and MW Wheels
Close friends or relatives