The engine roars to life the moment you “push-to-start,” and your ears are filled with the roar of an F1 car with all its Italian gurgling and pops. Meet the 2017 Ferrari 488 GTB Coupe dressed with a Mansory 4XX dry carbon Siracusa kit complete with power gains that elevate the car’s output to within 800 horsepower. This is the only dry carbon kitted Ferrari 488 GTB in the United States.

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Mansory 4XX Siracusa Badge on 2017 Ferrari 488 | Photography by Charles Siritho / The Function Factory

Mansory is known for its polarizing designs that work to incorporate aesthetics and power upgrades. Love it or hate it, the German tuner is always worth talking about. For those familiar with Mansory, you probably know they used this name before on the Ferrari 458 Italia back in 2011 and now on the Ferrari 488 GTB.

The 4XX dry carbon Siracusa body kit was loosely inspired by the Ferrari FXX-K. The FXX-K is an Enzo-based, track-only monstrosity.

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The aggressive aerodynamic kit has a front lip placed to improve downforce over the front axles

The dramatic look of the Ferrari 488 Siracusa is attributed to the aggressive aerodynamic kit. Up front, there’s a new front lip that’s been placed to improve downforce over the front axles and a new diffuser with its own air inlets to provide enhanced cooling.

The split spoiler improves downforce dramatically

At the side of the car, the side skirts have a commanding present that is impossible to ignore as well as the carbon fiber rear-view mirror casings. As dynamic as these sections look, the majority of Mansory’s exterior work on the 488 can be found in the rear section where Creative Bespoke fitted a Liquid Black carbon fiber diffuser.

Its further complimented by the split rear spoiler. The aerodynamic benefits of having the split spoiler include improvements in downforce but its a jarring look that ultimately makes the whole car stand out.

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This one-off 488 has bronze Anrky wheels built by HRE

The exterior styling is all made of dry carbon fiber with three stage Blanco Opaco satin pearl paint. The styling is complete with a set of bronze Anrky wheels built by HRE, sized 22-inches in the rear and 21-inches in the front, wrapped in P zero Pirelli tires.

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4XX kit includes a carbon fiber engine cover from Mansory

Powered by a twin turbocharged 3.9-litre V8 engine, the 4XX kit includes a carbon fiber engine cover from Mansory. The exotic sound is a result of the Innotech Performance Exhaust setup with catless downpipe. The IPE system is extremely loud with a high pitch sound that inspires a spirited driving experience for anyone behind the wheel.

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The exotic sound comes from the Innotech Performance Exhaust setup

The most significant feature is the deep rumble from idle at low revs through to its F1 high pitch at mid-range then to intense high growling at high rev ranges. When lifting off the throttle, you hear some burbles which emphasizes the characteristics of the trademark V8 growl.

On the downshift, the throttle blip sounds like war as it backfires and screams. Around 5,000 rpm the driver can hear the harmonic F1 tones, but until then, the car is deafoning inside.

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The steering feels very direct and the road is communicated

The chassis components fitted to the Siracusa have been specially designed for the increased performance. These consist of four progressively wound Novitec suspension lowering springs. As a result, the car’s center of gravity is 20 mm lower compared to the standard car. To compensate the drop in height, the vehicle has a lift system to help get the Ferrari over speed bumps operated by a button inside.

Additionally, the steering feels very direct and the road is communicated well through the steering wheel. At times, the 488 can be a handful in part to its high amount of low-end torque.

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Creative Bespoke imagined the interior

Inside the 4XX comes with a full custom interior imagined by Creative Bespoke with the Mansory carbon package which features the “fingers” inspired by the 458 Speciale interior. The seats are upholstered in White, diamond stitched Leather with yellow alcantara through the seats. The doormats have been embroidered with the “Creative Bespoke” touch.

This Ferrari was modified Creative Bespoke in Scottsdale, Arizona with the highest quality craftsmanship. It is protected by Ceramic Pro applied by Hyer Quality Detail.

Media by The Function Factory.

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