If you’re looking for a way to take your 2024+ Mustang to an entirely new level regarding exterior looks, carbon fiber is the way to go. When modifying your Mustang, most out there look to fiberglass, textured plastic, or gloss black parts to stand out. Carbon fiber not only offers a more premium, exotic look, but it also weighs less and is typically stronger than plastic or fiberglass.

Why Is Carbon Fiber The Way To Go?

Carbon fiber is a superior choice over fiberglass or textured ABS plastic for exterior body parts due to its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Carbon fiber is quite a bit lighter than both fiberglass and ABS plastic, which enhances vehicle performance when added in volume to the car. Its high tensile strength and rigidity provide superior impact resistance and longevity, reducing the likelihood of damage and the need for frequent repairs.

2024 mustang dark horse tow hook carbon fiber splitter

One thing that sets FFP’s carbon fiber Dry Rub series apart from the rest is the use of an aluminum mold during the manufacturing process. This mold allows for repeatability in the manufacturing process meaning you’ll get a perfect fit every time. This combination of lightweight performance, durability, ease of installation, and visual appeal makes the FFP carbon fiber Dry Rub series the preferred material for exterior body parts for your Mustang.

carbon fiber front splitter 2024 mustang

First Up: Dark Horse Handling Pack Splitter & Rear Spoiler Gurney Flap

To kick off our new line of Dry Rub series carbon fiber parts for the S650 Mustang, we teamed up with Chris Cervenka (@therealcervenka) and his Dark Horse Handling Pack. One thing we like about Chris’ Dark Horse is the emphasis on both form and function in his build. His car is on display at car shows up and down the east coast, but it also frequents track and autocross events on a regular basis. With that said, we knew his Dark Horse would be perfect to test the fit, finish, and long-term durability of these parts!

carbon fiber gurney flap 2024 mustang dark horse

Installation was a total breeze for the rear gurney flap and it complements the rear spoiler very nicely. As for the splitter, it is a direct replica of the OE Dark Horse Handling Pack splitter. Installation was a bit more involved up front as the both belly pans needed to be removed, but everything lined up perfect, snapped into place, and buttoned right up. It truly changes the look of the Dark Horse’s front end!

2024 mustang dark horse modified

More 2024+ Mustang S650 Carbon Fiber Coming!

Pricing and availability will be available on the site by August. And don’t think we’re stopping there, either! You can expect more exterior and interior carbon fiber parts for your Dark Horse and 2024+ S650 Mustang EcoBoost & GT coming soon!

If you want to see any other parts from Function Factory Performance – carbon fiber or otherwise – don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or shoot us a message via our Contact page.

Dark Horse Photo Gallery

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