Hey all! We thought we’d type out a short FAQ about the most common questions we receive here at the Factory. As you’d expect, most of them are pretty simple but we wanted to give you a clear answer on them. Hopefully, this FAQ will help you in the near future when ordering with us.

“Do you provide a tracking number?”

Yes, of course, you do. We have an automated system that will email you a tracking number the second we are able to provide you one. If the tracking says “unavailable”, it is most like because your package has not been scanned in. You will receive a tracking number for all shipments including large LTL freight packages such as bumpers, fenders, tires, and seats. Our preferred method of shipping is FedEx.

“My order still says processing for over 2 or 3 days, what the heck?”

This message is literal, your order is still processing and we are working on it. 99% of our products have a disclaimer letting you know it could take up to a certain amount of business days before you receive your product. Common products that have a lead time are Liquivinyl, Full-Race Motorsports, ZL1 Addons splitters, and rear diffusers, Rampage Fabrication and Yabeela Parts.

“Do you offer a faster method of shipping?”

This is actually a great question, WE DO! The reason why we do not have this option on our website is simple, the amount of time it would take to code all the shipping weights and product variables is absolutely immense. Remember all, we are a small team and our knowledge can only go so far but if you didn’t know we are actively looking for a high-level web developer to solve some simple, yet very complex problems that we face as a small business. Another huge variable is that most of our popular products are made to order meaning they are manufactured when you purchase them. It takes a very large investment to the stock products which diminishes our margins causing a chain reaction of this run-on sentence not allowing us to provide stronger discounts to you as a customer.

“Do you ship internationally?

We sure do, you must contact us directly by email. Please email sales@ffperformance.co, your full name, address, and telephone number for us to provide an accurate quote. All orders over $1,000 USD will require a wire/bank/ACH transfer, NO EXCEPTIONS.

“Do you carry other brands and parts besides the ones just on your website?”

Absolutely, we offer over 400 brands and have a team of people that are hard at work on adding new products to the website to expand your shopping experience.

“Will I void my warranty modding my car?”

No. Some examples of parts that will not void your warranty, no permanent exterior mods, cold air intakes, intercoolers, blow off valves, lowering springs, etc. Things that could possibly void your warranty? Upgraded turbo and superchargers. Things that will DEFINITELY void your warranty? Pro tunes, modifications to the body and or engine that are permanent. Factory tunes such as Ford Performance tunes for the Ecoboost DO NOT VOID WARRANTIES. As always, when modifying your vehicle, you assume all risks, especially when it comes to performance.

“Will you be releasing a gurney flap for the GT500 wings?”

As of right now, no. We are highly focused on fixing the issues with the website and streamlining our marketing. Anderson Composites currently offers their carbon fiber gurney flap available on our website.

“When will the GT4 GT500 V2 Wing be released?”

We’re hoping all the parts of the wing are ready for mass production in 1 more week. Check this link for the pre-order.

We hope this short write up has given you some clarity on how we handle this over here and as always, feel free to reach out by email, sales@ffperformance.co, yes it’s .co, or by phone, 251 253 2032.

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