Back in the day, we didn’t even have a shop. I bounced around the shop to shop piecing cars together but always making sure they were finished to the best of our abilities. Andy V was our VERY first-person customer. His wife gave us a call wanting our advice for suspension for Andy’s 2015 Ford Mustang GT. Our recommendations were the KSport USA coilovers that offer front camber adjustment, unlimited ride height adjustment, and 32-way rebound settings.

Before installing these KSport, we decided to go the extra mile and Ceramic Pro the entire shock, coils, and camber plates for easy cleaning.

Upon inspection of the old suspension set up, Eibach lowering springs were used. We noticed that the rear shocks had given up on life. Andy told us that he does launch this car and I’m sure those launches we’re not nice to the OEM shock bodies on lower springs.

We wrapped up by setting the ride height and aligning the car at Forza Automotive in Tempe Arizona. Enjoy the installation photos and results!


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