Let’s bring you up to speed I speed since our last install! We installed the PRL Intercooler which added over 85% more surface area for air! It has held up the wheel with absolutely no issues and consistently keeping temps down! When we left off we had a goal of installing the PRL intake next and boy did we ever!

Let’s talk about the PRL intake in general; it utilizes a 6″ cone filter and billet 2-piece MAF housing with velocity stack(s) to allow maximum airflow while delivering proper fuel trims. It has a custom molded 4-ply silicone intake hose that allows for all components to be safely attached without obstructing airflow.

The quality is top-notch, from the packaging, materials, and ease of installation. It looks right at home in the Type R’s engine bay with nothing flashy about the looks. It’s definitely an understated look.

This was not our first intake install on the Type R, we ran previously a Mishimoto intake. It too was not bad but testing showed it contributed to some heat soak during the 100 degree outside temps due to the metal box design. 

As stated in our last install post we were hoping for some extra whoosh sounds and boy this delivered! The sound is incredible and registered almost 130 decibels of pure swoosh! Compared to our last Mishimoto which was just a tad under 120.

Install time: 40 minutes

Direct replacement of OEM box and fittings.

No cutting or trimming required for install.

Tips: Add some Loctite to the boxes external Allen bolts, they are short and have been reported to un-screw over time.

After installing rotate the EVAP flange counted clockwise otherwise the hoses attached will hit your hood when it’s closed. See photo 


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