I want to give special thanks to all of Function Factory Performance’s employees and contractors that have put forth sweat equity, more than enough hours, and have gone above and beyond for myself and the company.

CSM 0235 Edit
Lexie Dearborn is solely responsible for our ability to do anything and everything moving into 2021. She and Solvency Now – Bookkeeping, Tax Prep & Financial Management have spent an insane amount of hours making sure our books stay clean while Mark from Barone CPA prepares our tax filings. Lexie has been here from the very start, helped me move every box into the shop, and will be forever one of our most important assets to date.
CSM 3846
I threw Donny Cope straight into the gauntlet the second he walked through the shop door. Looking back at everything, I’ve come to realize that at one time, he was solely responsible for customer service, order processing, receiving calls, and accomplishing the day-to-day tasks. I think most people would have given up with this much responsibility, a huge thank you to him for sticking in there.
Full Race Motorsports 5
I’ve been knowing Dylan Toon for almost 4 years now and have given him some of the most random media projects of his life. He came on board the second we opened our doors here at Function Factory Performance and is still doing my random media request. Not only do we produce in-house media for our fans and customers, but we also produce it for our sponsors and partners such as Apex Motor Club, Ceramic Pro, and JIMGLO Trailers. Just recently, we brought on Vorsteiner and Guntherwerks as vendor and media clients. A big thank you to Dylan for rolling with the random punches and pushing to provide us with more exciting edits every time. 
CSM 9609
One of the most tedious and frustrating tasks has been being handled by the one and only Nyla Kramer. She is in charge of managing and adding products to our website. Like every single web person we’ve had, I tossed her straight into the pit, and funny enough, she found her way out of it. I believe she genuinely enjoys the task which I am mighty grateful for. 
CSM 3859
Justin has been dying to get back into the automotive industry and we found the perfect storm for us to finally work together. Justin has been working in corporate America for quite some time so he was really able to get a handle on things fairly quickly. Justin currently sits as Function Factory Performance’s Digital Ads Manager and within 2 months, has generated FFP over $200,000 in revenue from Facebook alone. His ability to understand social media marketing is invaluable to our company as continues to drive more sales and the dire attention this brand desires. On the side, Justin has been working to improve vendor relationships across the board and implement more automation procedures that have cut our workflow by nearly 30%. 
I randomly met Marissa and Wes Hanson out at the Future Classics Car Show at High Street. Little did I know that they would be helping me install GT-R parts, list GT-R parts, and let me rip their GT-R on track. I can’t express how thankful I am for track time and opportunity. Additionally, Marissa’s HR skills got us through some sticky areas of payroll, and Wes’s technical advice helped me on the race track. I hope Marissa is able to join our team full time in 2021 as she brings a more than impressive resume to the table. 

Seriously, what a rollercoaster 2020 has been for us and the entire world. I started this company back in March of 2020 and in 9 months we managed to generate 3 million dollars in sales, move into a brick and mortar building, hire 6 staff members, purchase 3 cars, (Ford of course), and serve thousands of clients around the globe. 

Here are some milestones that we accomplished below

  • In January of 2020, we manufactured our own line of GT350 and GT500 replica wings that generated over $50,000 in profit. The project has been put on hold recently as we focusing efforts on scaling.
  • Competition Clutch and Motul USA renew their partnership with Function Faacotry Performance in February 2020.
  • March 2020, I decided to take this business seriously, I quit my job as a photographer and invested heavily in internet-based marketing
  • We partnered up with Liquvinyl, our now most successful brand.
  • We partnered up with Turbosmart and Comp Turbo to start the development of our 2015 to 2021 Ford Mustang GT Twin Turbo Kit.
  • I decided to invest heavily into stocking 2018+ Ford Mustang Euro tail lights and it proved to be an instant hit. We have sold over $500,000 in tail lights to date.
  • Between March 2020 to May 2020, we successfully delivered 1,271 products and generated over $500,000 in revenue
  • June was our biggest turning point, we moved into a 2,250 square foot building located in North Scottsdale, Arizona, and added a 2020 Ford Raptor to our fleet of Ford Performance vehicles
  • Donny Cope, Dylan Toon, and Eashan Das joined as full-time employees
  • The remodel took about 2 months and the results were stunning. We epoxy’d the floors, painted the walls and ceilings, tinted the windows, and installed a BendPak 2 post lift.
  • July, we work on our first 2016 Ferrari 488 GTB
  • In August, we successfully twin-turbo’d two Ford Mustang GTs. Kurt’s Mustang made 600 WHP and Anoiel’s made 1042 WHP
  • We partner up with Guntherwerks, Vorsteiner, and VenomRex
  • The Ceramic Pro, JIMGLO Trailers FFP Ford Mustang Ecoboost blows up at Laguna Seca, a pretty sad day.
  • We partner up with Dangerous Enterprises to go racing in NASA AZ.
  • We take delivery of Frank Costa’s 2016 Ford Mustang GT, our largest project to date.
  • Nyla Kramer joins our crew to help add products to our website
  • We add a 2021 Ford Mustang GT to our Fleet
  • We add a 2014 Mercedes-Benz C63 507

What’s in store for 2021? I’ll just tell you because we’re not weird, cryptic assholes that think we’re doing something groundbreaking. We’re just trying to scale at a reasonable rate while being presented with challenges that will for sure push us to become a better business overall.

2021 Goals

  • Move into a new shop, our current facility is too small and we need a much larger space.
  • Start our Ford Mustang GT500 race track rental program – more details to come
  • Purchase a Lamborghini Super Trofeo Evo – this is as well in our race track rental program
  • Hire more staff – you would be surprised how hard it is to find good, level headed, hard-working individuals
  • Build a new website – This has been forever a thing, just need to find the right people
  • Build our brand into a household name – this has proven insanely tricky as we do not have a design staff, so let’s fix that.
  • Continue racing into 2021 with Danger Enterprise – I still need more track time if want to ultimately become a professional race car driver

I am sure there are a million more things I could list but these are the major bullet points that we need to tackle if want to be the successful company I envision. 

Cheers to 2020, you were insane in many different ways but for some reason, you treated us very well and I’ll take it. Onwards to a very successful 2021 and I can’t wait to get our butts into a new building! 


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